life has an odd sense of humor.

i passed my thesis defense today which officially completes my masters degree other than passing a german exam.  i was also asked to bring my set of keys to a family event on saturday (my bro is a jazz pianist and they wanted something that him and his fusion group could entertain on outdoors).

i loaded my p-90 into my trusty, awkward gig bag, got it up on my shoulder, and the strap promptly broke, sending it straight down to the floor.  the entire octave from c6-e7 is shot.  the keys are sticking together and are pretty much useless.  so, does anyone know what a ballpark figure on this type of repair is?
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i can't really give you a ballpark figure, but i do remember when i needed to change the contact strip under the keys on my yamaha p80, the yamaha repair centre were really good.  
they sent me the parts i needed straight away, not too expensive, and a guy on the phone was really helpful in telling me how to do the repair.
zs- open up the keyboard (the top probably opens like the hood of a car, it might even be on hinges, you probably have to take out a bunch of screws, look for youtube vids or something) and see what is wrong. it's possible that these keys slipped out of their "sockets" and all that is necessary is to pop them back in.
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