the derivation of chordscales for minor ii-v-i progressions is less straightforward than with major ii-v-is. each minor key has three scales whereas each major key has just one. in this lesson, watch as the chordscales for minor ii-v-i progressions are derived from their component 13th chords and then see how the resulting chordscales are used by miles davis in his improvised solo over the tune it could happen to you from his 1956 release, relaxin' with the miles davis quintet. is an on-demand, digital library of streaming video jazz piano lessons. each transcription-based lesson features a birds-eye view of the piano keyboard synchronized to animated and annotated music notation. choose from an ever-growing collection of over 70 lessons on jazz theory & composition, improvisation & licks, chords & voicings and arranging, styles & more. each lesson includes downloadable pdf practice sessions with self-paced exercises and tunes for you to play with the accompanying custom play-along files provided in midi, band-in-a-box, garageband and now m4a audio formats.

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....each minor key has three scales whereas each major key has just one....

may you explain more about this? thanks.
melodic, harmonic and natural minor.
or the original poster might mean that a different scale can be used over each one of the three chords in the ii7 - v7alt - im progression.


over the ii7 either a locrian or locrian nat2

over the v7alt either the superlocrian or lydian dominant or the diminished or the wholetone scale (depending on the alterations)

over the im either a dorian (in the case of a m69 chord) or the melodic minor (in the case of a mm7 chord) or the aeolian (in the case of a m7 chord)

but if he means that there are only three minor keys, that is false.

there are four minor keys: dorian, aeolian, jazz minor, harmonic minor

all four of the minor keys have the minor pentachord as the bottom five notes (1 2 b3 4 5) and the only difference between these keys is the respective quality of the 6th and 7th degrees.
the 5th mode of harmonic minor (c-) also works over v7 b9 b13 (g7)

in ii v i in minor i like:

locrian for ii

altered scale, diminished scale (half-whole), or 5th mode of harmonic minor for v7

melodic minor or dorian for i
so hey how about contributing something to the site "jazzpianoonline" instead of spamming the forums?  what your doing is considered rude.
it seems to me if you're looking for "scales" to use, all you need to do is rearrange the chord tones in a stepwise order.  for the jazz+ example (g7 b9 b 13) the chord is gbdfab(c)eb.  if you rearrange those you get the scale gabbcdebfg, but then, playing that would be boring a predictable...oy....
....and i too, resent the shameless plug...
once you get a handle on how chords are built, how they sound and learn to listen for where they want to take us, you can begin to  explore the piano and try things that sound interesting to you, even if they don't make "sense"...
hello all.  who all knows about the book of archived 'jazzpiano study letters'.  site is
i like it, nuggets of info to chew on a bit at a time. cheers.
that book is very good, i have it myself.  it's that one with a bunch of newsletters compiled into a book, right?  the guy needs to market that thing more, it's full of gems.
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iv been playing the piano for sometime now(11yrs).is jazz piano from scratch by charles beale a good book to start with.thank u
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