they said it was my 20 minute solo's and my stage dives.  they said i was a
constant embarrassment at a time when they feel a record contract is close.  
   what do i do?
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well i know the compulsion to spontaneously stage drive is a hard habit to break, but start there. when you feel the urge to jump off the bandstand into the crowd you should have a 12 volt car batter attached in such a was as any sudden moved will cause severe shock and discomfort to dissuade you from that awesome feeling of having strangers holding you up above their heads. 20 min solos are wanted in every band, and you should try to extend them to 30 if possible and then put everyone else in the band down. you may have ruined your chances with this group, but start your own so you can't get fired. then randomly fire everyone for no reason. nothing like the oppressed becoming the oppressor am i right ;) i assume this was not a serious question at least i hope not , and if it is then i would suggest apologizing:)  
well maybe the 20 minute solos and stage dives are part of the reason for the impending recording contract.  why would they rock that boat??
thanks for the helpful answers guys.  some people think i take 20 minute solo's just because i am lost in the form and i keep missing the end of a chorus and that i stage dive because i just can not stand up any more but that is really not it.  hey  i am a berkly trained professional... i know what i am doing ok?
mike, you're such a charmer, how could they fire you?  my 11 year old grand-daughter also is an attention-seeker. she, too, can be a pain but she does gain attention!. i bet this message got a lot of hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kai thanks  you are always supportive!   lets put a band together.  you play keys,dr whack on drums and i'll front it!  maybe sid will play some sitar.
i'm in!  but i may jump out front with some bongos from time to time, and i insist on playing sleeveless
i've always wanted to play bass...
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