The musician in us tends to think the singer is in the way of the great arrangement. The Singer in us thinks that the musician is out to do us in--- covering our vocals. Some cohesion is needed, because, being a musician/arranger and singer and successful at it for many years--I see the need for discussion that can bring out the best in both worlds and reach the "fun" and happiness and financial reward for those lucky enough to be good singers and also good musicians. Tired of the "tired jokes" that separate. There really is no separation--except the insistance to have it.
  Old message # 6182

I don't understand how the basement is above the third floor.

08/02/2004, by 0 replies

[sf]Closet, I'm looking for the sheet music on Autumn--- cause I just did the song in SF--so it's here somewhere and i'll get the info for you. I'm doing a...

08/02/2004, by 0 replies
  Old message # 5841

Sinatra was a Pop Singer. He sang popular songs. There is some cross over because he often hired jazz musicians to accomany him. In fact he often hired ...

07/17/2004, by 0 replies
  Old message # 5799

There is a simplicity and directness about Sinatra's singing that I find very appealing. I like it when a singer serves the song rather than uses it as a ...

07/16/2004, by 0 replies
  Old message # 5795

hmmm...I don't think I ever heard him sing "shooby doo wop" or "skwidilly doo bop":) He was a phenomenon I'll never understand... ...

07/16/2004, by 0 replies
  frank jazz????

was frank sinatra even a jazz singer? and most people, has there been a survey done...

07/15/2004, by 0 replies
  Deleting room

Can someome tell me how to delete a room? (Delete old messages,etc.)Obviously I can save what I want, but don't know how to X out the room.

06/06/2004, by 0 replies
  You are not uncool

Yes, Billie Holiday smoked.She also shot up with herion. Was Billie great? YES!!!! My husband Paul lost his vocal chords to cance(heavy smoker)...

05/24/2004, by 0 replies
  Old message # 4533

` I know that it's totally uncool to be in favor of smoking, but most people consider Sinatra to be the greatest male Jazz voice of the 20th century and A...

05/23/2004, by 0 replies
  Aerobic Breathing

Here is a simple aerobic breathing exercise which will not only help you to hold a note for a long, long, time, but also give you an added plus of inches o...

05/23/2004, by 0 replies
  The Jazz Singer/Musician

Doesn't require the best pipes, tho good if you have them. Louis Armstong--boy--could he make us feel everything--the lyric, the music. because He Felt It...

05/22/2004, by 0 replies
  Old message # 4429

` Here are a bunch of excellent links to vocalist sites: I haven't had a chance to check for dead li...

05/20/2004, by 0 replies
  Caleb Lim is right!!!!!!!

The "open throat technigue will not only harm the tonal quality you now have naturally, it will keep you from ever attaining any added range. The"...

05/19/2004, by 0 replies
  To 7 and any others

Dear 7, If thinking low while going for a high note has worked. Fab! I'm all for what works, however, the female voice as well as the female person does th...

05/19/2004, by 0 replies
  Old message # 4400

` A couple of quick explanations: 1. Just because Ella and Louis Armstrong never mastered the reading of common music notation does not imply to me t...

05/18/2004, by 0 replies
  The Mask

Jeff Brent's articles should be read by anyone wishing to compose. He, being a natural composer, has analyzed in the most visual of ways and brought "...

05/18/2004, by 0 replies
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