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what do folks do with the left hand when you run into a spot that sits on one chord for four or more measures?  it always stumps me (nothing new there!).  im talking about a standard of some kind (i should have an example but dont).  lets say it opens with four bars of cmaj.  do you simply play different inversions / voicings?

tia - scott
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for c maj7 for 4 bars i would pivot back and forth with the v7 (it can be a v7 b9, v7 alt  or v sus )
| c  | g7  | c  | g7  | (typical intro filler)
| c  | d-7/c  | c  | d-7/c  |  

for two measure i might also do a  

|  c maj7 d-7 eb-7 | e-7   |
| cmaj7 d-7 eb-7 | e-7 d-7 cmaj7|

|c | a7 (b13) | d-7 | g7 (b9) |  
| c | f7 | e7| a7 |

a standard thing to do for a v7 that lasts two bars is  
|g7 (ab7) | g7   |

there are more!
yes, of course!!  nothing says you can't add chords for color and still restrict the movement.  duh!  thanks +.  damn i love this site.
if the line allows it, you can sometimes play a diminshed suspension before resolving it - for example b over c (c b d# f#) resolving to a straight c chord when you're ready.  in fact, pedalling on c while moving around through inverted  major triads from diminished scales can buy quite a lot of time until the next change comes along.

cool -- i'll try it (once i spend enough time to really understand what you said!).  hmm, how do you finger c b d# f# -- can i play it b c d# f#?  i'll play with the idea.  thanks.

f for 2 bars how about:
| fmaj7 f6 | f+  f5 |


| f5 f+  | f6 f maj7  |

f- for 2 bars?

| f-  f-+ | f-6 f-7 |

g7 for two bars

| g7 sus g7 +4 | g7 sus  g7 |

tunes where the chord last for 4 measure:
i'll remember april
sweet georgia brown

other non-modal tunes?
scott - i had a spare moment so i've made a rough and ready midi file of an elongated ii-v-i progression over which i've done some pedalling with triads, just to illustrate what i was trying to get at.  it's in the grooves and licks room.  let me know if it helps, or is just adding to the confusion!

i've got it and have listened -- nice stuff.  don't suppose you could give me clues to the progressions?  not that it wouldn't be very good for me to figure them out on my own of course.  thanks sid.

a few more tunes off the top of my head where a chord lasts for 4 measures:
inner urge
this here
this i dig of you (although sometimes people play bbmaj7 and cmin7 over the f pedal)

intriguing question though.  i like these kinds of questions
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