hi people,

my teacher has gived me some aebersold's play alongs and i have noticed that they are recorder bass+drums on the left and piano+drums on the right channel.

i want to edit this mp3s in order to have bass+drums on both channels eliminating the piano+drums part.

wich "easy to manipulate" program can i use for this??

thanks in advance for you comments.

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download it from free from their web site.
open the track.  
you see basically one track, with menus on its left. click the little drop down and select "split stereo track"
now you have 2 tracks.  
identify the one with the piano. select it all, delete.
copy paste the other one onto the empty one now.
go back to the drop down and choose "make stereo track"
export as mp3 (or whatever).
incidentally, audacity also has a tempo change effect to change speed of the selected audio without altering pitch. decent output, if rather choppy at extreme settings. perfectly adequate for practice and transcribing.

for more adventurous audio production, kristal audio engine is another great piece of free software (only works with wavs, but you can use audacity as a file converter). it's a virtual production studio which supports graphic vst plugins (hundreds of freebies also available). well-supported and friendly user forum, too. downside is, no midi support.
you guys need to check reaper out:

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i'll look forward to checking out reaper.  you can actually *create* playalongs if the track is not completely mushed together with something like "audacity" or "transcribe!" or anything with a good eq effect; i remember taking apart most of dr. john's "gumbo" album removing the piano with eq and quite a few of the old two-track blue note albums.  not perfect, obviously, but it can help if you're trying to do one specific kind of groove you won't find on an aebersold.  it can be nice to "play along" to at or philly joe jones with minimal piano or bass (not that you can't just play along to the albums as is, the way people used to do it, but still...)
reaper's okay. i personally don't like it; i'm put off by some things, like the way the interface looks, and especially the difference in pricing for a professional/casual user. once it enters the 200 dollar price range for the pro version, all it does is bring about comparisons to adobe's audition software and cubase le, both of which i feel are far superior (audition 3's even cheaper these days, at around $150). and for that matter, it's the same price as logic express, which although is mac only, has a far better interface and has more of the features that people are looking for in a daw, and is a much more mature and sophisticated project.  

i really like how small it is, i feel like it has a lot of potential; i just feel that at this stage it's got a ways to go. i think it may be a good steal for the casual user (not pro) but in that case, why not use audacity for wave editing and the open-source ardour (protools like daw) for recording and mixing?


i meant
regarding reaper, i've never seen a daw with such flexibility when it comes to ways you can use the fx chain/sends/busses/etc... i've been using it alongside live and it's been a good experience.
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

Scot is available for skype jazz piano lessons (and google hangouts, phone call, etc...)
Use the contact link at the top of the page.
audacity works great !!!

it's easy to use and it's free.

thanks a lot..!!
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